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About Bespoke Smoke BBQ

We are foodies.   We are creators.   We want better.

We are foodies.
We are creators.
​We want better.

This is my mantra as I start this venture I have named Bespoke Smoke.

Having enjoyed cooking and creating new dishes for my entire life, I eventually made the foray into real barbecue over the past number of years. Having the opportunity to travel all over North America with my former corporate career, I was able to sample many of the different styles and flavours of barbecue but one thing was in common with them all: quality smoke. This love and knowledge of the craft drove me on a journey that has eventually ended up here.

And having a practical knowledge in fluid flow characteristics from my prior career, a love of creating, and a desire to help people create great barbecue, I am now offering my knowledge and experience to you in the hopes of creating the pit that will fit your life and hopefully last for a life. Please contact me via email or phone for a free consultation, so I can understand your needs and discuss how Bespoke Smoke can create your vision.

Collin Neale
Founder, Owner, and Operator
Bespoke Smoke Barbecue